Terms of sale

Step-by-step guide for purchases


Buying requirements

  • Possess a VAT Reg. Number;
  • Minimum purchase of Euro 50.00 (Euro Fifty/00).


Sales restrictions and penalties

  • The trademarks “Calzedonia”, “Intimissimi” and “Tezenis" may not be used in any way to publish or sale the supplied products.
  • The goods supplied for the trademarks “Calzedonia”, “Intimissimi” and “Tezenis” cannot be marketed, whether on your own behalf or through a third party in the following provinces: TRENTO, VERONA and BRESCIA.
  • Marketing of goods purchased through catalogues and online sales is strictly forbidden, namely through any Internet channel.
  • Any breach of the above obligations will result in a penalty payable by your company to Intimo 3 S.p.A. for a total of Euro 50,000.00 (Euro fifty thousand/00), notwithstanding claims for additional damages.


Accepted methods of payment

  • Cash;
  • ATM;
  • Credit cards;
  • Bank transfer.


Goods collection and shipment

  • Direct collection by customer from the Cash & Carry store;
  • Transportation arranged by the store upon request by customer at agreed prices with major national and international couriers (for more information contact our sales staff);
  • The Cash & Carry store does not arrange shipments outside the EU.


VAT payment

All customers must pay VAT (standard applicable rate), except in the following cases:


Information present on the invoice accompanying the goods

  • Item code;
  • Item description;
  • Quantity;


Declarations accompanying the goods (prior request)

  • Free export declaration;
  • Declaration of conformity and origin of product.


Information present on the items and packaging

  • Item:
  • Fibre composition
  • Washing instructions
  • Made-in
  • Size


  • Packaging:
  • Company name of the person responsible for the release for consumption in the EU
  • Item code
  • Item description
  • Pieces in package


Product labelling

  • All products put for consumption must bear a label with the name, company details or trademark, if registered, and the address of the person in charge of the product's release for consumption.
  • During a phase prior to the sale, precisely corresponding to the "release on the market" (EC Regulation 765/2008), Intimo 3 S.p.A. already complies to said requirement by affixing labels containing the details of the supplier, Calzedonia S.p.A., on all product packages intended for the following phase of "placement on the market".
    Therefore, by removing said packaging, as new entity releasing the product in the market, you are bound to affix your name and address on the product prior to being sold for consumption.
  • For a proper marketing of the goods, the labelling parts of the products at the time in which they are put for sale to the consumer must appear on the packs (pre-packed item) or on the label fixed or tied thereto, or on the rings, bands or locking devices.