What are the advantages of placing my order online?

When you order online you will receive an immediate answer and will be given priority in the preparation of your order.

By ordering online you can also access special promotions.


Can the packages be opened? Can products be mixed?

The philosophy on which we base this wholesale trade is that of the sale of stock lots, and for this reason the packages cannot be opened and the products cannot be mixed.


How are the packages made up?

Each package will contain 24 pieces in various assorted patterns of the product selected. The products are assorted with different models but all the same size. We repeat that the packages cannot be opened and reassorted.


Are the products in the Look Book the same as those found in the store?

The products listed in our Look Book show a representative sample of that category of products. What you find in our Look Book is, thus, only a general representation of many other patterns found in the store.


Who handles shipment?

Shipment is organized in cooperation with the main couriers and charged to the customer at the agreed rates. Costs for shipments within the EEC will vary depending on the country.

No shipments are made outside the EEC.


Where do I find your promotions?

C&C Calzedonia offers special monthly promotions found in our Look Book in a dedicated section.