Italian Stock Clothing


A wide range of top quality products at competitive prices. These are the three features which make one outlet somewhat “better” than another. With particular reference to Italian stock clothing, Calzedonia is the leading company for all distributors and retailers who wish to find these three essential properties in a single outlet.

Catering to VAT-registered stockists and distributors, the Calzedonia Group Italian stock clothing outlets are the ideal solution for all those who wish to restock their stores with famous brands from around the world. There are three outlets in Italy: at Vallese di Oppeano, in the province of Verona, at Castel Goffredo, in the province of Mantova and at Granarolo di Emilia, in the province of Bologna.

You can find everything you need and more from these extensive Italian stock clothing outlets, from underwear to swimwear, from knitwear to pyjamas. Excellent quality items, guaranteed by thirty years experience in the industry which has made the name of Calzedonia familiar, reputable and respected throughout the world. Millions of customers, loyal to the Verona brand, never miss the opportunity to buy a new Calzedonia item, certain that it will live up to their expectations.

Calzedonia brand garments meet the requirements of men, women and children, for wearing at all times of the day as well as at every opportunity. Calzedonia lines include basic every day underwear, such as seductive briefs and bras, ultra-feminine hosiery and tights, plus tops and leggings for wearing when exercising. All these and more are available to stockists and retailers from the Verona company’s outlets.